Hair Colour Services

Prices are based on volume of colour supplies plus length of schedule time required to achieve your desired look. We recommend a consultation during a haircut or  blowout appointment accompanied by a complimentary Aveda Botanical Repair™ conditioning treatment to discuss possibilities and pricing with our stylists.

Colouring and Toning Services*

Root Retouch, Short to Midlength Blow-dryfrom $85
Root Retouch, Long Hair Blow-dryfrom $95
Root Retouch, Short Haircut, Blow-dryfrom $100
Root Retouch, Long Haircut, Blow-dryfrom $110
Toner Refresh, Blow-dryfrom $70
Toner Refresh, Haircut, Blow-dryfrom $85

*Full colour changes require a consultation before booking to determine processes required.
Additional charges may apply for hair colour products (usually for longer, thicker hair types).

Blonding Sevices

Mini Blonding Session, Toning, Short Blow-dryfrom $125
Mini Blonding Session, Toning, Haircut, Blow-dryfrom $155
Maintenance Blonding Session, Toning, Blow-dryfrom $225
Maintenance Blonding Session, Toning, Haircut, Blow-dryfrom $250
Max Blonding Session, Toning, Long Hair Blowoutfrom $325
Max Blonding Session, Toning, Haircut, Blowoutfrom $350