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Aveda Full Spectrum permanent haircolour

  New Demi Permanent Toning 

and Men's 5 minute colour

Our salon team is certified in AVEDA Full Spectrum Haircolour products and Haircolour Magic, 

a unique specialists course enabling stylists to deliver GUARANTEED results by creating individually customized formulas.. Your desired hair colour is achieved through thorough analysis of your current hair color and condition, hair texture, and haircolour history.

We welcome haircolour corrections. Formulas and procedures can vary greatly depending on the current state of your hair so consultation is necessary for pricing. For new clients, we suggest an advance consultation during a blowdry, cut or trim appointment to explore possibilities and determine what services you need.


Beautiful Red-Copper solid tone

AVEDA Full Spectrum Haircolour is 97% naturally derived and is long lasting with unsurpassed shine. It is a premium eco-conscious product that leaves hair in optimum condition. We recommend using AVEDA Color Conserve shampoo and conditioners to help maintain your colour between salon visits.

AVEDA Enlightener for extra lifting is gentle leaving hair in optimum condition, model shown with full toner and pale pink accents.

Soft ombre bronze midshaft and ends on a richly colored base shade.

initial Haircolour transformations or corrections may involve multiple processes and a larger volume of colour products thus costing more. upkeep appointments which are often single processes ranging from every 5-10 weeks.. We can design for your budget.

AVEDA Color Conserve products, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and strengthening treatment. Available in litre and airline regulation travel sizes.

Hair Colour Services 

Prices are approximate and based on volume of colour supplies, techniques and schedule time.

We recommend a consultation to discuss possibilities and upkeep of your desired look

to choose the look that fits your lifestyle.

We love to do haircolour corrections. 


Priced by volume of product required (volume of hair to cover)

Short hair from $60 / Mid length from $80 / long from $100 



including lightening and toning long hair from $150


without toner from $90 

haircutting or blowout additional from $30 to $65